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As we approach the end of the winter, the weather is much less cruel, so much so that some would even call it ‘pleasant’ enough for a nice long walk.

It’s time for a crisp, misty morning of walking through breathtaking forests and frost-tipped trees, and passing through frozen lakes and rivers.

To narrow down the best of these winters walks from Britain’s vast wealth of nature trails, Wynsors used data from internet searches and Instagram hashtags to curate the most popular hikes in the country.

Snowdon, Gwynedd

With over 40,000 posts in the last 12 months alone, Snowden has emerged as the most widely loved winter walk. While it can be freezing and inhospitable during the cold, if you’re a seasoned hiker, this trail in North Wales is as exciting and picturesque as it gets.

Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands

The Loch Ness lake and the region surrounding it, made popular through the eponymous monster and folklore, came in second on the list of favourite winter walks. While the trails are versatile in the Scottish highlands and can be tailored for even beginners, the most popular hike is the one that goes around the lake itself – which takes about six days. The scenic route is equally popular among cyclists.

Richmond Park, London

The largest Royal park in the city offers easily accessible and achievable trails for families and ardent hikers alike. While there are multiple well-trodden hiking trails that are ‘just rewarding enough’ before a celeratory picnic for larger groups, there are also trails ranging from 124 to 565 meters in elevation for those looking to spend more than a few hours taking in the beauty and working their muscle.

Here’s the entire list of the most popular winter walks in the country:

  1. Snowdon, Gwynedd
  2. Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands
  3. Richmon Park, London
  4. Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh
  5. Calton Hill, Edinburgh
  6. Lake Windermere, Lake District
  7. South Downs National Park, West Sussex
  8. Mam Tor, Peak District
  9. Ben Lomond, Scottish Highlands
  10. Botany Bay, Kent

However, if you’re someone who prefers off-beat trails, which are ‘hidden gems’ that don’t necessarily blow up on social media, here’s the list of the lesser-known winter walks:

  1. Blakeney Nature Reserve, Norfolk
  2. Castle Fraser Estate, Aberdeenshire
  3. Painswick Valley, Cotswolds
  4. Cove Cave, County Down
  5. Bishop’s Knoll, Bristol
  6. Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve, North Highlands
  7. Cardorna Forest, Scottish Borders
  8. Bronte Walk, Yorkshire Dales
  9. Chelmorton, Peak District
  10. Elidir Trail, Wales

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