This ‘Genie’ Pail Is The Solution To Scooping Cat Litter

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We love our cats. We really, really do.

But their stinky, soiled litter is not for the faint of heart. Scooping cat poop is a drag, and dealing with the odor and germs is no better. You can try to take the garbage out multiple times a day, but that’s largely unrealistic, and simply adding the clumps to your kitchen trash will only spread the nauseating stink. And even if your nose adjusts to your home smelling like a giant litter box, guests are sure to notice.

Made by the creators of the infamous Diaper Genie, it lets cat owners scoop clumps directly into its sealed, odor-containing bin with a pull of its handle. Then, it seals away all the waste, germs and odor once you release its handle. Its seven-liter container is designed to hold up to two weeks of soiled litter for a single cat. (If you have multiple cats or want even more time in between garbage trips, the brand also offers an extra-large Litter Genie, which you can get from Amazon here.) Amazon reviewers can’t stop gushing about how much easier this has made their lives.

I’ve been privy to the Litter Genie’s hard work myself: I’ve used it a number of times while cat-sitting for friends. I found it intuitive to use, and it kept its surrounding environs smelling fresh.

For my own cat, I invested in the splurge-worthy Litter Robot, an automatically scooping litter box that has enabled me to not scoop a single bit of cat poop for months now. It has been a godsend — but it’s over $600. While the Litter Robot has been worth every penny (and then some) on my end, it’s more than understandable to balk at paying hundreds of dollars for a litter box. That’s where the ingenious and thankfully affordable Litter Genie comes in. (You can read more of my ode to the Litter Robot here.)

The Litter Genie is compact enough to fit underneath cabinets and sinks, and it comes with a scooper, a scooper holder you can attach to the side of the pail and a refill liner bag. You can also grab a pack of refill bags from Amazon or Target. Plus, you can use the Genie for other pets, too: The brand recommends it for critters like rabbits, and multiple reviewers report using it for their dogs.

With over 8,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, the odor-containing Litter Genie is the real deal. Grab a Litter Genie from Amazon, Walmart or Target, or check out what Amazon reviewers have to say:

This thing is awesome. I have one too many cats and I don’t know how I lived without this before. The bags last quite a while and there is no smell whatsoever. I would recommend this to every single cat owner who doesn’t already have one. Plus it’s pretty cheap and I don’t see how it won’t last forever. It’s amazing, trust me you need one.” — Mal

“I ended up buying two of these, one for each litter box. Makes keeping litter boxes clean and easy. No more lugging trash bags around trying to clean litter boxes and spilling litter everywhere or worrying about the bag breaking. The litter once stored inside can’t be smelled, I even use it for my chihuahuas poop if he poops inside – can’t smell a thing. The bag system is very strong, never spilled, and contains the smell and litter awesomely. I can easily scoop or the litter every day and my kitty is very happy about that (I have some disabilities which make it difficult to do chores, so this lets me break it down into easy steps and keeps my house smelling fresh). It’s a MUST. I also bought one for a friend with back problems – making his life easier as well. When it’s full, the weight isn’t too bad and you just tie a knot and put in the trash. So wonderful!” — Kitty Biscuits

“I bought 2 because I have cats at each end of my house. These genies are true genies! So easy to use and absolutely NO smell comes from it. If it takes 3 or 4 days to fill the bag, I don’t smell any litter smell at all. Its easy to change bags as well as changing the refill bags. This has made my life so much easier!!!” — Goobersqueen

All I can say is, WOW! My house has never been so fresh smelling! I am very pleased with this product. It is one of the few things that really works. We just moved into a brand new house and was concerned that it would begin to smell like a cat lived here. There is absolutely no smell coming from this pail. We have been using it for almost 2 weeks and I have not changed the bag once. I highly recommend this product!” — Susan C

“Pretty simple setup and best of all NO CAT PISS SMELL! Also saves on the use of plastic. This thing is a godsend for any cat owner.” — Nicola123

“I thought it was kind of a stupid idea. My daughter urged me to try it. Best $20 bucks I ever spent for my cats. No walking to the toilet every time you empty the box. No worry about getting litter in the toilet. No smell! Easy to set up and easy to use. I took it in my RV for a trip across the country. Fantastic. I am buying another one for the 2nd litter box. This is genius.” — Shelby Coleman

I have used this litter storage and disposal system for 10+yrs now because it is easy to use, and you don’t need to wear gloves of any kind because your hands never come in contact with any of the kitty waste material. Once you deposit waste material in the container there is no odor that escapes the container. Very easy to change the plastic bag that holds the kitty waste material as needed. In a short, this system is easy to use, neat, clean and sanitary.” — Sam G.

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