This Affordable Wagon Is A Lifesaver At The Beach Or Garden

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Nothing’s worse than taking multiple trips to unload groceries from the car, especially if you’re prone to back pain or have, once again, bought way too much seltzer water at Costco. This collapsible folding wagon could help, or so say several reviewers who prefer to work smarter, not harder. With over 8,300 5-star ratings, many customers say this wagon is convenient, easy to pull and has a high load capacity, which is perfect for moving heavy items around the garden and home. “Because of arthritis and a bad back, I needed a cart to help me move heavy loads around the house — this is perfect!” raves Pat D. “ use it to bring heavy groceries from the garage to the kitchen, and to move things around in the house.”

While the page doesn’t display a sale price, the typical cost for the wagon is around $90, according to multiple price-tracking tools, putting the discount at 22%.

Available in red, blue, gray and black, this all-purpose wagon can carry up to 265 pounds of cargo and has a telescoping handle to help you easily maneuver it. There are two pockets near the handle to stuff water bottles and goodies in, plus its large wheels are grippy enough to, according to one review, “roll over rocks, twigs, roots, sand, dirt, [and] mud.” That makes it great for beachgoing and camping as much as lugging around your home garden and driveway. When you’re done with it, it folds up flat for easy storage, plus it comes with a bag to tuck it into.

“I purchased this for our move,” says a reviewer named Chelsea who calls the wagon “a dream on wheels.” “We only moved a few yards across the way, but boy, did this cart help! I have a bad back, so I can’t carry heavy items. Being able to move things on my own by packing items like heavy books or games into the cart while my roommates moved the associated shelf made packing things in cardboard a thing of the past!”

“I used this cart to move all of my belongings into my new place, and the amount of weight it can hold is almost unbelievable,” says another happy customer. “It made my move so easy, and now after I’ve settled in I still use it often. Any time I go grocery shopping I load it into my car and use it to bring all my groceries in in one trip. I live alone, so carrying a case of water, a box of soda, AND all my bagged items was impossible to do on my own. Now I just load it all up and wheel it in.”

If you’re looking to haul a heavy load with power, this folding wagon could potentially make it easier. Grab this cart today (literally) at its new price if you’re looking for an assistant for unloading your trunk, and read on for more promising reviews in case you need that extra push.

Read on for more promising reviews of the Amazon Basics collapsible folding wagon:

Because of arthritis and a bad back I need a cart to help me move heavy loads around the house ― this is perfect! I use it to bring heavy groceries from the garage to the kitchen, and to move things around in the house ― it easily accommodates considerable weight and is easy to move and steer.” — Pat D.

“Excellent product! I got this for my dog with mobility issues, however, she has only been in it once. She no longer needs it – thank goodness. As we’ve aged and the kids are leaving the nest, I find it more difficult to carry things from one end of the house to the other. I use it for bringing in groceries, loading dirty laundry then distributing the clean laundry, taking garbage out, moving items around the house, cleaning supplies when the spirit moves me to clean, etc. I can’t imagine not having it now – seems like there is always a half a dozen things that need to be put away. It rolls well, folds easily, and it still looks brand new. Can’t say enough about how handy and well made this item is!” — cbentler

I am disabled due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, which makes carrying heavy items really rough. I bought this cart primarily to haul stuff from my old classroom to one in a different building. I was able to fill it with hardcover Science texts, lab equipment, and all the other junk I’ve accumulated- and still pull it with little effort. The frame and straps are really sturdy, and there is more than enough Velcro to hold it together even when fully loaded. It only took a fraction of the number of trips I’d make with the tall school carts. There was a lot of dust and it was raining, but the fabric cleans easily and dries fast, which makes it perfect for my mom to haul mulch around her yard. My other reason for buying it was that our extended family loves to travel but winds up with a chaotic mix of rolling suitcases, extra bags, a scooter, a walker, and canes to deal with. Now we can contain the chaos and stow everything in one place when we’re on the move. My sister is just dying to roll this cart up the ramp on our next cruise and since it folds down and is is free-standing we can easily stash it in even a tiny cabin closet. It’s light enough for me to put it in my trunk or behind my seat without struggling. As if all of that isn’t enough, it’s pretty attractive. I have been flooded with questions about where I found it and am planning to buy a couple as gifts.” — snickersblk

I wanted a sturdy wagon for gardening and such, and this was on sale so I decided to give it a whirl. It required pretty much no assembly, which is great and it it’s actually a pretty smooth cruiser. In fact, my toddler loves to go for rides in it, so I’ll throw a blanket and cushion in there for him and tow him until my arms ache! This isn’t as hard core as some of the wagons you’ll see at the hardware store but those will run you several hundred dollars. If you just want something rugged but don’t need it to drag it over super rough terrain, this is a pretty good value.” — Wanderingalien

“Just received my red wagon. Purchased it for my small Shiba Inu dog with arthritis to ride in when I walk my Australian heeler. I am impressed by the quality of construction, large wheels and easy of assembly. Sheba is not afraid to ride in it. Thank you for making my dogs happy.” — Diane Clement

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