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As the winter chill sets in throughout the UK, many Brits may be looking forward to escaping the often brutal winter temperatures in exchange for more favourable weather on the continent.

Matagorda, found on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, is the perfect spot for a quick winter getaway to escape the usually unforgiving weather during the New Year.

Found on the east coast of Lanzarote, one of the most popular destinations for European tourists all year round, Matagorda boasts warm temperatures throughout the winter months twinned with usually low amounts of rainfall.

According to travel agent Tui, the average maximum temperature in Matagorda in February in 22C – a far cry from the UK average of 7C to 8C.

Considered the calmer holiday resort compared to the nearby Puerto del Carmen, Matagorda has plenty of sights to see and beaches to relax on, even during winter.

The beaches in and around Matagorda have fine golden sand, with the water often calm and good for sports and swimming in.

For those who want a more active holiday, the promenade is popular with runners and cyclists, particularly in the winter months when temperatures aren’t quite as hot as they are in the summer.

Its close proximity to the airport makes for an easy transfer – but also means the area has become popular with plane spotters.

While the area has plenty of restaurants and bars to indulge in throughout your stay, the area is just eight miles from the island’s capital, Arrecife.

This quiet port city has its own golden-sand beach but also has the allure of its cultural and historic areas.

Just outside the city and not far from Matagorda you will find the castle of San José, built on the orders of King Charles III of Spain between 1776 and 1779.

The Castillo de San José is also home to the International Contemporary Art Museum, one of the most popular cultural attractions on the island.

Due to being a port area on the coast, Matagorda and Arrecife boast some phenomenal seafood restaurants, with local specialities including “vieja” and “sancocho stew” available with local wines to enjoy for lunch and dinner.

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