RateGain partners with Best Airlines Rep to introduce AirGain

RateGain Travel Technologies Limited’s shares were up by 0.95 per cent after the company joined forces with Best Airlines Rep, a general Sales Agent (GSA) specializing in airline sales and marketing representation across various territories. This collaboration introduces RateGain’s AirGain, an airline pricing solution that provides immediate access to pricing insights from over 200 sources, including websites, mobile apps, and GDS. Best Airlines Rep, with a presence in Europe and Africa, aims to streamline operations and enhance service quality for its partner airlines through this technology integration. 

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Natalia Zaragoza, Managing Director, at Best Airlines Rep, said, “Aligning with AirGain represents our commitment to innovation and excellence. The real-time, data-driven insights provided by AirGain will enhance our operational efficiency and service delivery. This is not just an upgrade in our working system; it’s about setting new industry standards.”

The shares were up by 0.95 per cent to ₹667 at 10.30 am on the BSE.

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