Navigating spirituality amidst modern challenges

HYDERABAD: At a double book launch of Moments to Memories series, where two books, namely, Preserving the Journey of Parenthood and Preserving the Footprints of Life, authored by Pallavi Jhawar were released, spiritual guru and educationalist Dr Shubha Vilas from Goa imparted his profound insights on spirituality at District150. As attendees of the event, we had the privilege to connect with him, delving deeper into spirituality and strategies for addressing mental health challenges.

Dr Shubha Vilas, renowned for his motivational narratives and adeptness at guiding individuals through adversity, shared his personal source of motivation, stating, “I personally find inspiration in transforming lives. Witnessing the tangible benefits of my teachings is immensely fulfilling and propels me forward.”

Addressing the intersection of spirituality and mental health, Dr Shubha shares, “In Vedic culture, spirituality intricately intertwines with the mind. Concepts such as ‘Mandir’ and ‘Mantra’ underscore the significance of the mind in spiritual discourse. Approaching spirituality not merely as a religious pursuit but as a holistic lifestyle inherently encompasses mental well-being. Embracing yoga and spirituality holistically enhances various facets of life, including physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial aspects.”

When queried about navigating spirituality amidst the rigors of contemporary life, he outlined, “Embarking on a spiritual journey necessitates two fundamental elements: guidance from a mentor who simplifies spiritual concepts and insightful literature. Access to both enables individuals to embark on their spiritual quest with clarity and practicality.”

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