How to Thrive in a Cookie-Less Era, Why Consumers are Switching Providers and Payers & more

How Pharma Marketers Can Thrive in a Cookie-Less Era

David Minkin, President & GM at epocrates, offers his insights into the importance of trust, first-party data, and strategic partnerships in ensuring successful marketing campaigns.

Why Consumers are Switching Providers and Payers

Loren McCaghy, director of consulting, health and consumer engagement and product insight at Accenture, shared the results found from his organization’s latest report on how many consumers are switching their healthcare providers and insurance payers. In the interview, he touched on some of the main drivers to consumers leaving and solutions on how payer and provider groups can turn things around.

AI Is Helping Scammers Outsmart You—and Your Bank

Your ‘spidey sense’ is no match for the new wave of scammers.

Publix Pharmacy is now connecting customers with a virtual care service

Publix customers now have access to a virtual care service powered by WellSync. By filling out an online health questionnaire, customers can seek medical care from a licensed provider with no appointment needed and from the comfort of their home.

Cencora | Pharma solutions on LinkedIn

Recently, Cencora hosted the ThinkLive Summit to bring together the industry’s brightest minds to collaborate on best practices and challenges in the cell and gene space. Listen to VP of Cell and Gene Therapy Lung-I Cheng speak about the inaugural ThinkLive Summit in a recent Pharmaceutical Commerce Magazine interview:

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