From loom to label

Keeping the unforgiving summer heat in mind, cotton, linen and silk have been used generously, with every fabric custom-made in small batches by hand-weaving clusters from West Bengal, Rajasthan and Gujarat. “The line comprises mostly a set of whites with a few pastels, featuring hand-block printing, embroidery, pleating, hand smocking, and appliqué work,” she says, adding, “We also use biodegradable packaging with compostable plant-based polybags, and seed tags made of post-consumer cotton waste, in addition to reusable cloth bags. Additionally, we operate on a made-to-order model, eliminating the need for a large inventory, which invariably leads to overproduction and wastage.”

A unique aspect of Buna garments is that they often come in their kora (fresh out of the loom) form, which is untouched by dyes, and keeps the raw texture and subdued colours intact. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” says the designer, who enjoys a gentle pace of life, balancing both work and home life. It’s the rhythm of this slow life that Shantam thrives on.


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