Flirt Day 2024: 6 flirting mistakes to avoid at all costs

If Valentine’s Week is the perfect opportunity for couples to strengthen their bond and express their love in myriad forms, Anti-Valentine’s Week is dedicated to singles or those who are looking to end things with their partner. After ‘slapping’ (Slap Day on February 15) and ‘kicking’ (Kick Day on February 16) their not-so-favourite people during the first and second day of anti-Valentine’s week, singles move on to heal and pamper themselves with their favourite perfume (Perfume Day on February 17). The fourth day of the week is Flirt Day (February 18) which is dedicated to flirting or giving oneself a chance to connect with new people.

Anti Valentine’s Week: The fourth day of the week is Flirt Day (February 18) which is dedicated to flirting or giving oneself a chance to connect with new people.(Freepik)

There is no set formula to ace flirting, and it is indeed an art that you perfect with time. A subtle and playful flirting with a self-maintained boundary is capable to charm a person, however a forceful and inconsiderate flirting style could leave unfavourable impression. If you are single and wouldn’t mind a little flirting this Flirt Day, here’re some mistakes you must avoid. (Also read | Happy Perfume Day 2024: Wishes, quotes, greetings, WhatsApp status for this day)

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Matchme founders Mishi Mehta and Tania Sondhi share flirting mistakes to avoid this Flirt Day:

1. Going overboard with eye contact

One of the best ways to find out your chemistry with a person is to look into their eyes. While it’s romantic to hold your gaze for a few seconds, letting this eye contact turn into a stare can quickly become a red flag. To master the art of flirting, practice getting your eye contact right first.

2. Be yourself

Being your authentic and unique self is the best flirting move you can make. Showing your genuine self helps you connect better than making yourself look like someone you are really not. Being yourself can also help you build intimacy better.

3. Don’t make uncomfortable moves

Flirting doesn’t mean making overtly bold moves and the cues must be dropped subtly. Focussing all your attention on the person, smiling, and making eye contact can do the trick. However, touching should be attempted with care and should not go beyond perhaps a light touch on the hand or arm.

4. Don’t smile too much

Overdose of everything is bad and even smiling unnecessarily can put off a person. However, do not shy away from smiling genuinely. A well-timed smile can help take things ahead while going overboard with it can do the opposite.

5. Don’t ask too many questions

Do not be frivolous in your conversation and resist seeking personal information in your first meeting. Make the other person comfortable and secure in your presence.

6. Don’t show off

This is a big flirting red flag. Nobody wants to know how many BMWs you own and how many push-ups you can do in a minute. Do not make it about yourself. Give space to the other person and resist the temptation to put yourself in the centre of the conversation.

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