Flight crew reveal three things not to do if you want to stay safe on plane | Travel News | Travel

A flight attendant has revealed three things “you should never do on a plane” if you want to stay safe.

A TUI flight attendant, known as ‘mrsmiva’ on TikTok, shares advice and insights into crew life.

She advises her followers on “3 things you should never do on a plane”.

Don’t wear shorts or a skirt

The flight attendant explains: “You never know how clean it is where you’re going to sit.”

“Also it can get very cold.”

Never get drunk on a plane

Miva points out that passengers who are “too drunk” risk being “ejected” from their flight for safety reasons.

Not staying hydrated

According to the cabin crew member, skimping on water is not a good idea.

“The dry air and low humidity on the plane can lead to increased fluid loss and dehydration,” Miva said.

Passengers should therefore make sure to stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and during flights.

She advises buying a bottle of water after going through security, or bring an empty reusable one to fill up at free water stations.

Grateful travellers have expressed their appreciation for the flight attendant’s advice, sharing their own experiences of feeling ‘dehydrated’ on flights, while another commented: “Yes it’s so cold for me in the airplane.”

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