Be The Best Gift Giver In Your Friend Group With These 53 Ideas

Popular items from this list include:

  • A delightfully retro create-your-own reel viewer your giftee can simply pick up any time they want to walk down memory lane
  • A rotary cheese grater, because f you have a friend who wishes they could have the one from Olive Garden, you can make that dream come true!
  • A puzzle vase, because it’s time for the jigsaw genius in your life to take things 3D
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A delightfully retro create-your-own reel viewer

I bought one of these for my bestie last year and made a custom reel with some of her wedding photos, and it turned out SO CUTE. Here’s how it works: You order the reel viewer, which comes with a redemption voucher that covers the cost of one custom photo reel. Using that voucher, you place your order for the photo reel, and then they’ll ship that to you separately. Uploading the photos is really easy, too, btw!

Promising review: “This was a great retro gift for my friend turning 40! He’s very hard to buy for, but he loved this! I ordered seven pictures with the enclosed coupon which I inserted before giving it to him. I put in pictures of variety from the past 12 years I’ve known him. … I was also beyond thrilled that between the time I ordered the reel with my pictures from my phone and receiving the completed reel in my mailbox was less than a week!!! I accidentally cut the time close, but this company saved the day by their quick turnaround! I had to pass the link to two other friends who wanted to order for a couple of their family members. A hit for sure!” — H. M. Long Loves Amazon


A rotary cheese grater

And unlike traditional graters, there’s less risk of grating fingers by accident! The handle also folds in for compact storage, and it easily disassembles for quick cleanup.

Promising review: “If you’re like us and want the Olive Garden experience every time you cook pasta, do yourself a favor and get this thing. You never have to say “when.” Just let the Parm flow forever. It really is a great product. It’s fun and easy to use. Just get it.” — Catherine Stahlecker

Promising review: “Fantastic grater! Get one! Super pleased with this purchase. Wish I had purchased sooner. Makes grating cheeses so easy. Simple to use and to disassemble for cleaning. Can assemble with handle to right or left for ease of operation. Has worked well for me with Parmesan, gruyere, asiago, and fontina. Would buy again. Would make a great gift.” — CJBS

A puzzle vase

Several reviewers use it to hold completed Lego flower kits, so you could also gift them together!

Promising review: “The quality exceeded my expectations. There is an insert inside so you can use with actual flowers which I was impressed by. AND a display stand that I didn’t expect. I had so much fun building, and love seeing it every day. Perfectly sized little vase.” — Julia A Gilbert


Or a TikTok-famous 1,000-piece Mystic Maze puzzle

Promising review: “I bought this as a gift for my husband because he absolutely loves puzzles and magic, so it was a no-brainer! I was honestly way more excited to finish putting this puzzle together than a normal puzzle because I couldn’t wait to see the end result. Blown away. I’m super impressed and will be purchasing a different version. Oh, and they weren’t kidding about the no dust in the box…very pleased with this purchase!” — Nlbrimberry

Read Receipts / Etsy

An embroidered hat for the Succession fan in your life

Promising review: “I’ve had this hat for a month and I pretty much wear it everywhere I go now. It’s excellent quality, and the shipping and delivery were fast. The seller was also super prompt in responding to a question I had.” — cabhesel


A custom gold mesh bracelet

You can add up to nine letters, btw!

A Fender amp key holder

Check it out on TikTok.

Promising review: “My husband was so excited to find this keyhook! He is an avid songwriter and musician and loves Fender products. The keyhook looks great, is well made, and is definitely eye catching. Right after we hung it up a friend visited and asked us if it was a custom ordered piece! I was initially concerned with how tight the jacks plug into the base. My fear was that I would pull it off the wall trying to detach my keys…but we have had no problems. It seems to be firmly attached to the wall with the included hardware. Also be sure to pay attention to where you hang it as the jacks stick out from the wall further than your traditional keyhook. All in all, a very cool piece and we are glad we purchased it!” — Leslie W.


An edition of “Pride and Prejudice” with characters’ letters

Imagine taking an envelope out of the sleeve after the Disastrous Proposal, unfolding the letter and reading “Do not be alarmed Madam…”

Promising review: “The book itself is already amazing. The added letters just makes the reading experience really beautiful. I recommend treating yourself to this purchase. It almost makes you want to start writing letters. Love.” — Lore

A custom paint-by-numbers kit

Here’s how it works: When the kit arrives, just scan the QR code, select your photo, and upload it to the site — you can preview the design and swap photos, too, if you don’t like the way it looks! Then just print on the included printable canvas, and it’s ready to gift!

Promising review: “This was so much fun! I tried three different photos in the tool they give you and chose this one. It shows you a preview of each painting, which is really helpful when deciding which image to go with. Not every picture came out as good, so definitely try a few! Easy to use, and fun to paint — excited to frame it! Actually have some paint left over and will try to do another one!” — Jonathan Kebert

A jar of Coop’s hot fudge

I love a hot fudge sundae, and I think this is the best fudge I’ve ever tried — especially store-bought, because they often taste weirdly bitter! It’s also available in a vegan hot fudge, mocha hot fudge, peppermint hot fudge and a salted caramel sauce.

Promising review: “I have been buying Coop’s for a couple of years now and I have never encountered a hot fudge I love more. It’s rich, creamy – amazing on ice cream or just a spoonful to end the day! In my experience, both children and adults love it. I also love the new peppermint flavor for Summer.” — Meghan E. Smith

Promising review: “This is manna from heaven, food of the gods. Makes getting up in the morning worth it again! Expensive, and worth it, it’s hard not to just eat with a spoon in between ice cream applications. Only draw back? The jar is standard, but too small for what you’re going to need once you taste it. It should come in a 50 gallon drum with a pump top. Makes a great gift, with its kooky gimmicky plastic lid covering that looks like hot fudge dripping down.” — saintsomewhere

7 Threads Embroidery / Etsy

A boat tote–style canvas bag

I bought this bag earlier this year and got it embroidered with “ludicrously capacious” à la “Succession” — it’s really great quality and truly is capacious! Love the zip top for keeping everything secure, too.

Promising review: “So structured and so much space! one of my best tote bags as of now since it’s so big. the quality is amazing and the seller was so nice and patient with my order.” — s h a w n y

Promising review: “Amazing. The canvas is nice and heavy so you know it will last for years. The embroidery is beautiful. It shipped faster than anticipated. Really happy with my purchase.” — Tara Preston


An Ototo x Fullstar chopper

It comes with two dicing blades and two spiralizing blades, btw!

Promising review: “I wasn’t so sure if I would ever use something like this, but it has become a staple in my kitchen! I actually already have the white version of this, but saw the Croc Chop and had to have it! It’s makes perfect pico de gallo in minutes and great for chopped salads! It chops anything from lettuce to chicken, perfect for salads! It’s top rack dishwasher safe so easy to clean. It comes with cleaning brushes and picks as well. Definitely a must have for perfectly chopped or spiraled veggies!” — Tammy

Uncommon Goods

A bucket list insulated water bottle

The water bottle holds 32 ounces and keeps water cold for up to 24 hours, too! They also have a National Parks version (with 63 spots/stickers to check off) and a World Destinations version (with 50 spots/stickers, including Machu Picchu, Niagara Falls, and the Swiss Alps).

Promising review: “My great nieces enjoy traveling to state and national parks with their parents. I sent them each a state water bottle from Uncommon Goods. The bottles are sturdy and keep contents cold or hot. They love them, and adding state stickers as they travel is great fun. They take them everywhere!” — Sharmon


Or the Brumate Era 40-ounce water bottle

It claims to keep ice frozen for over 24 hours! The tapered base is also cupholder friendly, and the whole darn thing is dishwasher-safe, too! Let me tell you, this is my new favorite water bottle. I can lock the lid with a quick twist, and throw it sideways in any tote and not even think twice about it leaking at all!

Promising review: “Won’t ever buy another cup again! Beautiful colors. It’s perfect for my house… My cats LOVE to knock over cups, and this one doesn’t spill! Keeps ice for many hours and beverages cold for even longer.” — Sam Y


Ultimate Pub Trivia

It’s recommended for at least four players, ages 12 and up.

Promising review: “This was a Christmas gift. Questions were sometimes hard, sometimes not, and wide age range could play and be challenged but also successful. My husband had fun being the “host” and we all really enjoyed the game. Liked it quite a bit more than we expected to.” — hf

A celestial projector shaped like a lil’ astronaut

It comes with a remote so you can control it right from bed, and it has auto-shutoff options too if you use this as a nightlight! You can check it out on TikTok here.

Promising review: “I bought this after seeing it on TikTok. I wasn’t sure how great it would be and the price was a little high to me but I bought it anyways. After getting it and seeing how badass it is I would definitely say it’s worth the money!! The lights are so cool and bright. My kids and husband love it!” — ShelbyFulford


A TikTok-famous honey-infused Gisou hair oil

Promising review: “This hair oil does EVERYTHING it says it does. Not only does it leave a great shine to your hair, but it also doesn’t weight it down at all. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I have noticed that my hair is drastically more shiny and less brittle looking. Also, the scent is absolutely divine and it does linger but don’t worry, it is not an overwhelming scent. For reference, I have thick 3b–3c curly hair. P.S., the packaging is super beautiful so this product is a win-win!” — MariahSantiago


The Bonne Maman 2023 advent calendar

Promising review: “This is our second time ordering this; we loved it so much the first time. Bonne Maman masterfully combines flavors for a different combination in unexpected flavors. Makes a great gift!” — Denise D.

Promising review: “I bought my first Bonne Maman advent calendar in 2022. I’ll be buying them every year now! I buy several to give as gifts and keep one for myself! I love all the flavor variations that aren’t available in stores.” — SkiUtah

A zigzag martini glass set

Promising reviews: “Got these as presents for a friend. They are really handsome looking; the stems adds so much character to a plain martini glass. Not too thin, so great for those who are afraid of thin glass. Handles well. Good for dishwasher. I love them so much and would have gotten a set for myself but we don’t drink martinis too much. Update: It’s been more than two years and the friends who received this as a gift from us still love it — and EVERY TIME I visit, I am envious and enjoy drinking from it!” — JinSh

An acrylic bird feeder

Promising review: “I love this bird feeder! The birds come right up to the window. Its easy to setup and well constructed. I’ve purchased other window feeders and this one is the clear favorite. The suction cups are strong and can support larger bird than some other feeders. The birds just love it! My kitty thinks it’s her TV. I had to hang it higher on the window so she doesn’t scare them. I’ve had about 8 different species of birds visit this feeder. I highly recommend, it’s a nice way to feel connected to nature even while inside the house. Great for kids and Grandparents I bought several and sent to friends and family. It includes good instructions as well unlike some other companies.” — Miss April


A “Buffy”-themed tarot deck

Promising review: “The cards are gorgeous, to start with. The art is amazing. I love who/what was chosen to be used for each card, and love the way they paralleled the usual suits (as explained in the booklet). Also, as a long time Buffy fan, there are just so many happy references peppered in, it delights me to see all of these goodies on the cards. The booklet is very fun, and feels like it was written as an extension of the show and how everyone speaks. I also love that they included reversals along with the upright cards. That was a happy surprise. (It’s always so boring when books/booklets don’t include reversals.) When it comes to the physicality: The box is handsome, thick, sturdy, and there’s a ribbon to snake under the cards to help you get them out that also snakes underneath the booklet. The card stock for this deck feels really good, and it’s decently thick, and the cards have held up to several shuffles from me so far. It’s bent a little, but that’s to be expected. I collect tarot decks, and not all of them have been the best, but this one is amazing. Five stars.” — Rebecca Dietz

Made My Days / Etsy

A custom personalized sweatshirt

You can choose between just your pet’s ears, a black and white portrait, a line portrait, or a color portrait. I ordered one of these with a black and white portrait for my best friend a couple of years ago, and she loves the sweatshirt!

Promising review: “These came out so great, I ordered three as gifts for friends. Everyone loved them! The sweatshirts are super soft, and everyone’s pet looked great. I’m back today to order one for myself!” — gspreat


A super plush blanket

Promising review: “I saw this blanket on TikTok and I have to say I absolutely love it. I washed it several times now and it’s maintained its elasticity and softness after each wash. It’s warm enough but not too hot for a throw. Absolutely recommend this blanket!” — Amy


An oh-so cozy dog bed for humans

Promising review: “I saw this online and decided that I’m giving it a try. I have a hard time sleeping without feeling support around me. I toss and turn over 40 times per night according to my sleep app. I tried this hoping for the best and I will say, I slept like a baby for the first time in seven years. I put a pillow under each side to prop it up to make it cradle in more and I’m in heaven. I’m 57 and have had a hard time dealing with the emptiness of divorce. Who needs a man when you’ve got this to sleep in? Purchase it! You won’t regret it. And best of all, no one snoring next to me! Win, win!” — Heavenstinyangels

Jenny Lemons / Etsy

A disco ball hair clip

Jenny Lemons is a San Francisco-based small business making lots of hair accessories, all out of cellulose acetate, a plant-based plastic alternative, in fun, often food-inspired shapes (like pickles, croissants, hot dogs, and more!), plus stickers, key chains, earrings and more.

The super viral Wavytalk curling iron/brush set

While this is often compared to the Revlon One Step, note that that is a hair dryer (and blows air) — this is a curling iron, so it just heats up for styling hair rather than drying it! It also comes with two styling clips and a protective glove, btw!

Promising review: “I love this hair tool, especially for its affordability! I bought it mostly for the round brush, but love that it comes with four other attachments as well. The thermal round brush works very well and makes achieving a blow out look so simple/quick! I have a blowdryer round brush as well but hate how loud it is, how long it takes, and how I am sweating by the end of it. This is a nice alternative and also easy to pack when traveling abroad!” — Kelsie M

Surprisingly affordable wireless Bluetooth earbuds

They come with a wireless charging case and provide up to 14(!!) hours of charge, and four-plus hours of continuous playback (with the earbuds able to play for four-plus hours with each full charge). Did I mention they’re are also sweatproof and waterproof?? With over 200,000 5-star reviews, they are mega popular, too.

Promising review: “I’ve been searching for wireless headphones that wouldn’t break the bank because I was tired of always getting caught on doorknobs, cabinet doors, and drawers. Funny enough, these headphones were recommended via TikTok and I’m loving them so much. They look expensive and the sound quality is amazing! The various options of bud sizes make them customizable to fit your ear so they’re nice and snug. The battery case is really sleek and can be easily tucked away in your pocket, bag, or purse. I haven’t been this excited to have new technology in a while!” —Joey Reyes


A too-sweet hand-painted stoneware frame

Promising review: “I ordered two of these little frames (the ‘Je T’aime’ and the round ‘Mon Cherie’), and I love them both! They are well-made and so adorable on my shelf. I studied French in college so they feel extra special to me. I may have to get the ‘C’est la vie’ one, too!” — Abby109

A Bluetooth remote control

Promising review: “I’ve been wanting an auto scroll feature on the apps for reels/TikTok for ages, and I was a little delayed in researching options to achieve just that lol. But I found this remote control that fits on your finger and, although it was an impulse purchase, I am NOT disappointed. Bluetooth and long battery life paired with a comfortable ring feature on your finger to click and scroll makes for the perfect combo when you’re laying in bed and you get your phone propped up just right and want to skim thru reels/toks, or if you’re in a lovely bubble bath and don’t want to risk holding your phone above a potential watery demise…this is the product for you” — Shelby D.

Uncommon Goods

A birth chart book and journal

Since it’s completely personalized, note when the book will ship out. Current timing is within 15 days. After that, Uncommon Goods offers economy (7–9 business days) and standard (3–7 business days) shipping options.

Hardie Grant Books

A book dedicated to their sign

They’ve got info about the sign relative to careers, romance, self-care, communication and more. Plus, how beautiful are these covers?

A candle carousel tray that spins

Check it out on TikTok.

Promising review: “Truly a great addition to get me in the reading mood! Honestly a good item at an incredibly reasonable price! Love lighting a candle and watching this spin!” — Victoria

Amanda Davis / BuzzFeed

Or a vintage-looking dimmable candle warmer

The dimmable settings mean you can choose how quickly or slowly the candle melts, too.

Here’s BuzzFeed Shopping editor Amanda Davis on this beaut: “After seeing this gooorgeous candle warmer online time and time again (and trying to ignore the urge to buy what I absolutely didn’t need)…I finally did it, and WOW am I glad I did. This lamp looks even better in person, it’s warms all of my candles evenly, and after moving it to my desk, I figured out it can be used as the cutest mug warmer, too! It comes with two compatible 50-watt warming bulbs that melt candles from top to bottom. The dimming feature is also really convenient for both the brightness of the light and for how fast or slow you want your candle to melt! This would definitely be a 12/10 gift.”

We Are Knitters

A chunky snood hand-knit by you

Get it from We Are Knitters. If you don’t need the knitting needles, you save $9!

A crawling crab toy

No batteries required — it charges via USB!

Promising review: “I bought one of these for my grandson’s 1st birthday. It seemed fitting because they live within walking distance from the Chesapeake Bay. Lots of crab lovers around here. My grandson loved it and so did all the adults LOL. It’s so cool the way it scampers across the floor sideways like a real crab. Out of all the gifts he got this one really got his attention. My son called me the day after the party and said he was still playing with it and chasing it across the floor. So glad I got it! I heard a few of the adults say they wanted to get one for themselves.” — J. Butler

Promising review: “Love this toy! It keeps our dogs entertained for hours 😅😂” — Rebecca Haislip

A copy of “Burn After Writing”

Promising review: “I first saw this book on TikTok and decided to look more into it. I purchased four total because I know some people holding onto things that are difficult to let go of. It’s a great way to look at things from a different perspective and truly hold yourself accountable to different things in your life. I love what it stands for and I look forward to when I burn mine after I’m done. Self love, self care, and meditation for a better state of mind tomorrow is always the goal. I definitely recommend it to those susceptible to change and the willingness to try things different. You’re so much more than what’s been done to you and someone’s inability to see your worth does not decrease your value. Choose you for a change.” — Brent Helm

A culinary blow torch

Just fill and refill with any brand of butane.

Promising review: “Didn’t want to like this torch but man, this thing is awesome. I’m used to buying torches from the bodega but no more. Super easy to fill. It has a metal tip so no there are no melting parts. The flame is immense yet adjustable so you get the right flame every time. If you’re on the fence, just order it. You won’t be disappointed.” — KSD


A monotreme-themed flexible scraper spatula

Promising review: “A useful and amusing stocking stuffer for my 79 year old dad. The Splatypus is gentle on his arthritic but still very busy digits. And as a Baby Boomer, he never wastes a smidgen of his beloved peanut butter or orange marmalade. Dad loves the Splatypus!” — dk72

A compilation of murder mystery–themed logic puzzles

There are 100 puzzles total, and four different levels: For Elementary puzzles, you need to find the suspect, location, and weapon. For Occult Medium puzzles, the added challenge is that the murderer always lies, and the other suspects tell the truth! For Hard Boiled puzzles, you also need to find motive! And for Impossible puzzles, you have to discover all four elements and deal with the lying witness statement from the murderer. Sounds like fun! Plus, you’re also given a logic grid for each puzzle to help you solve it!

Promising review: “The puzzles are a lot of fun but the characters, story lines, and other details take the Murdle experience to another level. I have no idea how the author came up with all of this creativeness! You can Murdle solo or with friends. I look forward to future volumes but this one will keep me busy for awhile!” — Liz Gately

Promising review: “MURDLE is quite possibly the coolest and most fun I have had with logic puzzles in a while. It activates my inner J.B. Fletcher as my mind compiles the clues and sleuths out the answers. The various levels of intrigue allow the amateur sleuth in us all to develop into a top-notch arm-chair detective. I cannot think of a better way to spend a rainy, sunny, and/or any day than with a little crime-solving.” — Highly Caffeinated Book Reviewer

A Baroque mirror

Promising review: “All I can say is woooow! This mirror is not only affordable, but the quality is amazing. It’s heavy and not cheap looking. The gold color is not so tacky, and it’s done just right. My main concern was receiving a broken mirror but the packaging was great and arrived in one piece. Don’t hesitate buying this gem, you need it!” — Celeste C

A TikTok-famous compact watercolor palette

Check out a swatch video of the palette on TikTok here, and if you’re looking for watercolor tutorials using this very palette, you can check one to help you paint a sunset here.

Promising review: “I’m starting to hate Tiktok because it’s making me buy all these products, but I absolutely love this one!!! I travel for a living and love to paint and this set is wonderful. I love that it comes in a metal tin, so I don’t have to worry about it breaking, like most plastic ones. The colors are vibrant and I love that there are so many within the container. The container itself is the size of two make up eye palettes, so you can definitely fit it in a purse or backpack. It comes with a swatch section too so you can paint the colors and compare later on when you paint. I’m a huge fan now of this brand.” — pixxi88

Chef’s Daughter / Etsy

A spice blend palette

Promising review: “Bought it as a present, but now I want one for myself. The samples are the perfect size to just test out a new recipe. You can always come back to this shop to buy more!” — Miranda


A personal library kit

It comes with 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, a date stamp and inkpad, and a pencil.

Promising review: “I’m always trying to find interesting gifts for my tween daughter that encourage reading and don’t involve screens. This was a HUGE hit. We’ve already bought the refill pack as well as another complete set for her best friend so they can trade books back and forth. They are having so much fun with it.” — Liz

A pair of TikTok-famous Cushionaire slide sandals

I bought these myself last year and they’re all I wear at home. Especially when cooking or baking, these babies help cushion my feet on hard floors so they don’t ache!

Promising review: “I first ordered these to wear as “indoor” slippers as I don’t like fuzzy ones … and OH MY GOODNESS. These are by far the best sandals I own. I have ordered three colors for myself, gifted them to friends and couldn’t recommend them more! Everyone who has a pair / tried my own agree they are like walking on clouds. You can’t beat the quality for this price!! Will definitely buy again and again! I bake a lot so these shoes have saved my back and helped me be able to stand for long periods of time! True to size!” — Brooke Garland

Or a pair of anti-slip fuzzy open-toe slippers

Promising review: “These slippers are amazing! Discovered them on TikTok and went back and forth about ordering them but wow, they are so comfortable. I have barely taken them off since receiving them. They are so fluffy and stay on my feet surprisingly well when walking around the house. Can’t wait until more colors are in stock to get another pair.” — MSumm

Maplewood Novelty Cistern / Etsy

A bumper sticker

Promising review: “SUPER high quality sticker! Thicker than I expected, applied smoothly. I think it should last awhile! It’s also hilarious and adorable.”— Allie Hartman


A sad duck lamp

Promising review: “I absolutely love this sweet little duck light. In fact, I love it so much I’m going to buy another one. It has a rubbery feel to it, and all you have to do is literally just tap it to brighten or to dim the lights, and it even has the option of a 30-minute shut-off time. A great little gift for all ages!” — Amy Phelps


A version of Clue that packs away into a vintage-style book

It’s for three to six players and ages 8 and up — and if you don’t know the rules to Clue already (as if!), it’s a mystery game where players work to solve who killed the victim, where, and with what weapon, asking other players specific questions and using the process of elimination based on what cards everyone has.

Promising review: “I gave this as a Christmas gift to my son. The pieces are so amazing! They have upgraded both the playing pieces and the weapons in this game. My son loved the way the game fits into a book-like container. He will be putting it on his bookshelf! He has been wanting this very one for a few years now and is in love with it! Everything about the game was very well made.” — DRH

John Mihaly / BuzzFeed

Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek game

Check out a TikTok of the Silly Poopy in action.

Promising review: “Let me tell you that if you want hours of endless fun of hide and go seek without having to hide yourself, this is a must get!When it’s hidden it makes various toot noises and says stuff so the kids know if they are close. And when they find it and press the button to do and sing the silly poopy dance … even you will dance and sing along!!! Doesn’t need batteries and come on, it’s poop? Who doesn’t think poop and toot noises are funny and if they don’t they are lying to themselves. A must-have for fun with your kids without barely doing any work!!” — andrea kelli gorman


A Great British Bake Off-inspired apron

“It’s uhhnderbaaaehhked.” — my brain at all times

Promising review: “It was a gift. Very much liked by a baking fan. To be clear, it is functional but closer to a novelty than heavy duty apron. That is how I took it and am very satisfied.” — Greg Ross

Sweet Grenadine

A Fleabag pin

Like Fleabag says, hair is everything.


An electric crepe-maker

Here’s how it works: Just dip the maker in the tray when it’s filled with batter and remove for a perfect crepe — they won’t have to deal with the stove at all.

Promising review: “I have always loved crepes, but never knew how to make them. This pan is so simple and easy to use that it takes all the guess work out of making crepes, and the dipping tray keeps everything. It does take a few tries to get the hang of dipping and flipping, but once you get started, you’ll be rolling out crepes by the minute. A genius design for the beginning crepe-r.” — SoutherStorm

A dino nugget–inspired pillow

Promising review: “This dino chicken nugget pillow is a real Jurassic dream come true! It’s the perfect cuddle companion for all the paleontologists-in-training or anyone with an insatiable appetite for comfort. Just be careful not to accidentally take a bite while you’re napping, because it looks deliciously deceiving!” — LadyTee

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