This Highly Rated Portable Speaker Is On Sale On Amazon

“This is the perfect beach speaker! It’s light yet durable, and the volume is impressive. I loved that I could hang it from the umbrella so it didn’t get allI sandy. The hook feature is super convenient. I have yet to charge mine but I’ve used it at like 5 times now. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to invest in a small, portable speaker.” — Olivia

“Walker’s dream. I walk everywhere, don’t drive, having my music is a real motivator. I have several play list set up on my phone, I just choose one and I’m off. I’m in love with the thing, I clip it to my crossover bag, or have it in my pocket. Blocks out sound of traffic too. Can’t wait till summer to use at beach, as before my phone could not take the sun, and would over heat, and sand and water were a threat, this is water resistant! Definitely my best purchase in a few years. Power last for days, and recharges quickly. Sound is clear, exceptional. Light weight, attractive, matches my sneakers. Not a happier 70 something year old around!” — Lee

“Easy to connect great battery life I find it very durability. We bring it to the park when having family fun days and on hikes for the price I can’t see how you can do better .” — marc frederick

“Absolutely love everything single thing about this speaker. The size, loudness, clarity, color, durability, longevity. You name it this speaker is worth every single cent and more! Super easy to use and connect to. Will definitely be using for all beach trips and home entertainment!” — Cierra Nash

“Love how compact it is. The clip is handy. Good sound quality for the size. Volume is better than my BOSE. Can’t wait to take it golfing next summer.” — Noelle

“Just what I was looking for! I wanted to be able to hang the speaker off my beach bag but love the versatility of being able to set it down and use it all over the house as well! Great sound and size. Highly recommend!” — Whitney

“This speaker is great! It’s small and can fit right in my purse or I clip it on my backpack! It easily paired with my phone and the sound quality is great! If you like to take your music with you but don’t want a big bulky speaker then this one is for you! Good things come in small packages!” — A Mac

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