Relationship guide: 8 tips for newlyweds to navigate the initial months of marriage

It is common to experience ups and downs in the early stages of marriage, despite the newlywed bliss. It’s natural to face challenges in the first two years, but there’s no need to panic. By recognising and understanding the transitions and obstacles that may arise, couples can work together to build a solid foundation for their future together. The first year of marriage can often feel particularly challenging because of the many changes and adjustments as partners adjust to their new roles. However, researchers emphasise that how couples manage this period of adjustment has a significant impact on the longevity of their marriage. (Also read: 5 budget-friendly date ideas for couples to keep up the romance )

Embarking on married life can be exhilarating yet challenging.(Pixabay)

Essential Tips for Newlyweds

Aamish Dhingra, mental health coach and founder of Cocoweave International Coaching shared with HT Lifestyle some tips to make the initial days of marriage more relaxing and smoother.

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1. Good Communication: We all know that in every relationship, communication is the key. It lays the foundation of any relationship. When someone is newly married, expressing his/her feelings , expectations, and concerns honestly to the partner will lead to a strong bond between the two. Listening to your partner and understanding their point of view is also equally important for a strong relationship.

2. Prioritise quality time together: We understand that we are very busy with our work schedule, but we need to learn how to balance it all. Taking time for each other is very important; it shows the importance of the person in your life, strengthens your connection, and keeps the romance alive.

3. Supporting each other’s goals: Two of the most important aspects in the early months of marriage are mutual support for each other in career aspirations, personal ambitions, or long-term life plans. Understanding and encouraging one another’s dreams builds a very strong partnership and helps both move ahead.

The romance must be maintained by the expression of love and care in the form of well-planned surprises: this could be as simple as arranging a spur-of-the-moment date night or small gifts, like flowers. Ensuring regular communication with goal alignment, keeping the sense of romance and love towards each other, renders value and support for living in harmony and making life meaningful and rewarding.

4. Have patience and forgiveness: In the journey of marriage, you may encounter some bumps. Being patient with each other and getting adjusted to the new roles and responsibilities can smooth your journey. Learn to forgive and let go of any mistakes.

5. Practice Gratitude: Appreciating each other’s efforts and qualities

6. Finding humour: laughter strengthens bonds and helps overcome obstacles. Find humour in everyday situations, ease tension, and bring each other closer.

7. Establishing boundaries: Setting boundaries can prevent misunderstandings. Discuss topics like finances and personal space. Respect each other’s boundaries while also nurturing your bond as a couple.

The initial time of marriage is a time for adjustments, growth, and building life together. Always prioritise communication, understanding, and mutual support, which will create a strong foundation for your marriage.

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