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For today’s women, time and profession are of utmost importance but so is her body. To keep it looking and feeling silky smooth, fragrant, here’s a simple way to take a shower everyday and keep your skin soft and supple.Cut squares of surgical bandage and add the following body goodies:

Tie the bandages tightly with a rubber band. You can make bouquet garnis of these to last two weeks by making cotton squares and tying them with a ribbon or string and keeping them in an attractive jar on your bathroom shelf. Whether you are a shower bather or a bucket and mug bather, you can use this. The rice powder a starch will act as a natural tightener, the rose petals will tone the skin and keep it feeling fragrant. The oatmeal will help as a natural exfoliator and the milk powder will keep you soft and smooth.

For summer itches

Take a honey and vinegar bath. To a bucket of water add a cup of vinegar and a tsp of honey. This reduces irritation, relieves tiredness and will soothe any sunburn. The summer months and strong UV rays often make the skin dry and patchy. To lessen the effect, fill your bucket or tub of water with the following: 3 tsp olive oil, 2 tsp rose oil, 2 tsp honey, and 2 tsp your favourite perfume or eau-de-cologne.

You can also keep a jar of readymade cleansing grains in the bathroom. Make a scrub by mixing the following: 2 cups dried powdered green peas, 1 cup gram flour, 1 cup dried orange peel powder, 1 cup dried lemon peel powder, 1 cup powdered almonds. Just scrub all over the body.

Pampering baths

Baths can be made quite interesting with bath powders, flowers, spices and fruits to re-create the smell of the sea or floral and fruity fragrances. Lemon slices dipped in the water will leave your skin smelling fresh and clean. Rubbing yourself briskly with a soft towel will make you feel tingling warm. When you are thoroughly dry (don’t forget to wipe between your toes and other areas that most people miss) moisturise your skin with a light cream moisturiser or a few drops of sandalwood oil followed by a refreshing talcum.

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The columnist is a beauty and nature care expert


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