Envirotainer COO Discusses Reshaping Cold Chain Logistics and Adapting to Disruptions

PC: How are changing customer needs and global trends reshaping cold chain logistics?

Adamsson: I think there’s several parts of that, especially with terms of global trends. I think we live in a very uncertain world with geopolitical or environmental uncertainty, which means that we as a supply chain industry need to adapt. We need to make sure that we are prepared for any disruptions we may face in the coming years. We have seen a number of geopolitical situations as well as natural disasters, which we need to cope with. I think that’s one of the key trends that we as an industry need to cope with. Given the fact that more and more products gets produced and are temperature sensitive, it puts even more pressure on supply chain in this very uncertain world. It’s an ever changing world we live in and we really need to adapt and be be focused on what we do.

PC: What kind of unforeseen disruptions must the pharma cold chain adapt to?

Adamsson: I think there’s several parts with the political situations we are facing now, especially the Middle East, as well as in the Red Sea, which has some potential disruptions that we need to deal with. Also, recent flooding. Dubai airport was closed the other day for a few hours. Those are the things that I think we need to prepare for, and I think we as an industry have been able to develop ourselves and develop the operating procedures to really be able to cope with that rapid response based on our post-pandemic experiences.

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