Brits plan to spend £1,250 per person on holidays this year | Travel News | Travel

Holidaymakers are planning to spend an average of £1,250 per person on trips this year – and nearly half start putting money aside for their next break as soon as their last trip has finished. A poll, of 2,000 adults, found taking at least one holiday this year is a priority for 64% but, on average, they hope to take three trips.

In fact, 23% are travelling more than they did five years ago, despite increases in the household budget. And travellers are spending nearly £45 more per person this year compared to last.

A relaxing beach holiday (45%) tops the list of preferred breaks, but city getaways (41%), cultural tours (34%), and wellness or spa retreats (11%) are also among the most popular types.

It also emerged 42% now spend more time planning their trips than ever before, spending an average of 19 hours preparing. Over two and a half hours will be spent researching things to do while away, but 34% will only spend half an hour, or less, arranging their travel insurance. 

One hour will be spent budgeting and sorting foreign currency for their holiday – as 79% want to ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck.

Nic Moran, from M&S travel money and travel insurance, which commissioned the research, said: “Planning a break is a priority for many of us, and it’s great to know that we’re a nation of planners, spending more time than ever before to make sure we have the best holiday possible.

“Planning in advance, including making a budget for your holiday, is a great way to help make your holiday spending go further. In addition, it’s important holidaymakers don’t put off buying travel insurance until they’re ready to go as it doesn’t just cover them for while they’re away, but from the moment they take it out.”

Nearly half (47%) went on to say they find arranging a holiday just as enjoyable as the trip itself. And 51% think being flexible is key to planning a successful holiday, while 49% put it down to thorough research.

Almost two in five (38%) plan ahead to take as much stress out of the trip as possible – pre-planning key things like currency, according to the research, which was conducted via OnePoll.

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