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One unique town has been named one of the “best seaside towns” in Britain due to its charming coastal atmosphere, despite not sitting near the ocean. 

Dartmouth is a picturesque town in Devon, England nest to the River Dart which flows into the English Channel and is known for its beautiful pastel homes sitting on the waterfront which is bustling with activities due to the boats sailing past. 

It has been named one of the UK’s “best staycation ideas” according to CN Traveller and has also recently been crowned one of England’s “best seaside towns” according to Time Out despite not sitting on a beach. 

They wrote: “Okay, so it’s technically not actually a seaside town – rather a town on the banks of the River Dart, a couple of miles from the sea. 

“But Dartmouth comes with everything you could want in a trip to the coast. There are historic pubs, and there are walking trails straight out to the sea. There are boat trips galore, and there are crabbers crabbing away in the harbour daily.” 

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Dartmouth offers the best of a seaside holiday while being surrounded by breathtaking views of the surrounding lush countryside, rolling hills and forests which are perfect to take a stroll with your camera. 

Due to the town’s location, one of the most popular attractions of Dartmouth is its water activities such as kayaking, paddleboard, sailing or taking a cruise as it is the perfect way to take in the sights of the town. 

You can take a trip in the historic Dartmouth Paddle Streamer, which is the last remaining coal-fired paddle streamer in the UK where you can see many beautiful sights, and it also takes you past Dartmouth Castle. 

Dartmouth Castle dates back to the 1380s and has protected the town for centuries and last used during World War Two when the castle housed military troops. 

The castle is known for its specular views of the town and is the perfect spot to watch for wildlife, learn more about the town’s rich history and even enjoy some homemade ice cream from the nearby castle tearooms. 

The town centre also has a charming historic atmosphere due to the cobblestone streets, and there are many independent stores, art galleries, cafes and the Dartmouth Museum to keep you entertained on your visit.

There is even the Woodlands Family Theme Park for anyone travelling with children, which is packed with thrilling rides, a petting farm, a splash pool and many planned events during the summer holidays. 

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No seaside holiday would be complete without fish and chips which is a speciality of the town, and you can eat in or takeaway at The Rockfish, a seafood restaurant known for its award-winning fish.

There is also the Wheelhouse Takeaway, another highly-rated establishment on Trip Advisor with visitors praising its “perfect dish and chips” and “fantastic gluten-free fish and chips batter”. 

Dartmouth has also been put on the map by Dame Agatha Christie, Britain’s most famous crime writer, who had her holiday home Greenway House next to the River Dart which you can visit to explore the author’s fascinating life by taking a tour with Mathew Prichard, the author’s grandson. 

However, if you are looking for a trip to the beach then it is only a short drive or bus journey away from Dartmouth to Blackpool Sands, which has been named the UK’s “most beautiful beach” in 2023 by CN Traveller who described it as “almost reminiscent of Amalfi Coast” in Italy.

There is also Sugary Cove, Strete Gate and Slapton Sands so you will be spoilt for choice on where to go to relax on your visit. 

No matter what you plan to do in Dartmouth, there is plenty to explore and enjoy for anyone looking for the perfect seaside holiday destination. 

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