Adani Power implements green ammonia pilot project, shares up

Adani Power Ltd.’s shares were up by 3.57 per cent after the company initiated a green ammonia combustion pilot project at its Mundra plant as part of its decarbonization efforts. In collaboration with Japan’s IHI Corporation and Kowa, the project aims to co-fire up to 20 per cent green ammonia in the boiler of a conventional coal-fired 330MW unit at the Mundra Plant.

The pilot project is conducted under the Japan-India Clean Energy Partnership, focusing on energy security, carbon neutrality, and economic growth. The results will guide potential expansion to other Adani Power Limited units and stations, contingent on achieving economic parity between different feedstocks.

The Mundra plant, selected for this green initiative, is the first location outside of Japan to participate in such a project. The initiative aligns with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization’s (NEDO) International Demonstration Project, Green ammonia, derived from green hydrogen produced through electrolysis using renewable energy, serves as a carbon-neutral alternative to fossil fuels. This is because the combustion of ammonia results in no CO2 emissions due to its carbon-free composition. 

The shares were up by 3.57 per cent to Rs 461.70 at 9.40 am on the BSE.

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